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Home furnishing 2021: Juli's 5 trends

Ideas to copy and inspirations to decorate: from the latest houses published by Homedesignfunda a short selection of trends. From wallpaper in the bedroom to details to bring a classic style to the bathroom. But there are also small insertions such as 3D printed vases.


Home furnishing 2021: Juli's 5 trends

We start with a look at the projects of architects and interior designers to find ideas for furnishing the house in 2021. Every month we collect the suggestions and trends that have emerged in interior design but also ideas in the creation of objects that will decorate the rooms that we live.


From this observation, choices and solutions make their way which, with different declinations and interpretations, sometimes enter the common taste. Sometimes they are small complements or arrangements that last the time of a season, other times they are solutions that can mark the style for many years.


Here are 5 things seen in the latest houses published by Homedesignfunda that deserve to be reported.



1. Sage green walls     


Sage green walls

In the search for neutral colors to decorate the walls of the house, sage green emerges. A delicate but certainly warmer choice among pastel shades and less obvious than the classic dove-gray color. On this basis, furniture in raw wood or particularly rich essences such as solid walnut are enhanced.


The references look to the past: it is a color that refers to certain 50s environments. In order not to fall into an amarcord effect, the advice is to combine furnishings with contemporary lines, particularly the white ones that emerge decisively against this background.


2. Classic bathroom


Classic bathroom

Sometimes, you know, trends are backfires. Recoveries of a past style that returns to conquer the common taste. And as for the bathroom, after the revolution seen in recent years with solutions that have certainly refreshed a room anchored to a conservative idea, there is a new desire for details that look to tradition.


And perhaps a certain idea of a romantic bathroom has never faded. So here is a tap with retro shapes declined by golden finishes. But also the pleasure of dressing walls and floors with bathroom tiles that flirt with designs and decorations from decades past.


A trend also highlighted by the proposals of the companies in the sector, where not only bathroom furniture, but also bathtubs and wall lights respond to this search for classic elegance.


3. Canvas prints


Canvas prints

Perhaps because they are reminiscent of paintings in artists' ateliers, canvas prints are gaining more and more space as a decoration on the walls of the house. They are often an alternative not to classic paintings but to more contemporary illustrations. The structure not only allows you to hang on the wall without the need for a frame, but also, thanks to its thickness, creates a relief effect on the wall.


Modern printing technologies allow you to choose any subject, photographic or graphic. But you can also opt for your own images: there are several online services that allow you to have good final results.


4. 3D printed vases


3D printed vases

3D printing is a technique ready to revolutionize the world of manufacturing things. It has many applications, from the construction of houses to inventions even in the health field as happened during the pandemic.


It may therefore seem useless to think of this technique applied to a common piece of furniture such as a vase, of which there are many examples and many noble and ancient techniques. But it is precisely its dimension as a common object that allows interesting experiments, with results that could become iconic in the near future.


As with other production processes, forms are born that can be attributed to 3D printing. But perhaps the most interesting theme is the application to particular materials. From compostable plastics to those that use recycled materials, up to material mixes that could hardly be molded.


5. Wallpapers in the bedroom


Wallpapers in the bedroom

Wallpapers in the bedroom In the decoration of a bedroom the walls are a fundamental element. Sometimes because there is no space for other furnishings besides the basic ones, but also because you can be more daring than in other rooms of the house. Here the wallpaper becomes a perfect decorative tool with these premises. Even a single wall covered with patterns and colors is enough because its purpose is precisely to add a personal note to the décor of the room. The choice is usually oriented in the part of the room occupied by the bed, where the wallpaper can be combined with the headboard or replace it. But nothing prevents you from finding another location, perhaps to identify an area like that of the toilet


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