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Interior Design Tiny Not Draining Budget

Interior Design Tiny Not Draining Budget

For everyone, owning their own home may top the wishlist as the greatest achievement in life. If you manage to own a property of your own, no matter how big or small it is—there will definitely be a sense of pride that cannot be expressed in words.


But owning a private home is only the beginning of a struggle for a more comfortable life. There are still many interior matters, designs and decorations that must be completed so that you can really have a dream house with a tiny house interior according to your budget.


Well, ready to see 7 small house interiors without being expensive for your dream home


Charming Eclectic Modern Small House Interior

The interior of the first tiny house takes a modern concept that is suitable for a practical and efficient urban lifestyle. The front of the living room uses a clean makeshift tiled floor and a comfortable sofa set.


While the interior of the tiny house entering the living room is a kitchen and dining area with wooden floors. With a fairly simple kitchen set, the interior of this tiny house looks alive, clean and very comfortable. Of course, because of the minimal decor and complicated furniture, you don't need to spend a lot of money to buy or maintain.


Retro Pop Nuance in Your Tiny Home Interior


The retro style that appears in the interior inspiration of this tiny house looks bright and brings a cheerful mood to the owner. With an injection of relaxed pop-style colors, the interior walls of this tiny house use a lyrical, old-school concept that fits perfectly.


Enough with a wall shelf for a place to put various knick-knacks, a unique table with a cute carpet and a long soft sofa, the interior of a small house comes alive without being expensive. A piece of furniture to support work activities is also seen at the end of the corridor with similar color shades for the overall interior of a neat little house.


Classic Small Home Interior With Vintage Style


You don't need to always stick to a minimalist interior, because with the right budget calculation, you can also create a tiny house interior with a sweet classic vintage style. The interior of this tiny house looks luxurious because of the lively wallpaper selection and a soft colored 2 seater sofa plus a unique guest table on a monochrome carpet.


Not to forget, 2 similar mirrors were placed on the wall as the only wall decoration to complement the interior of this tiny house. If you examine further, the use of other furniture is also not very specific and you can adjust it according to your existing budget.


Small Home Interior with a Natural Rustic Feel


Ingin kembali ke rumah idaman melepas lelah? Tentu saja bisa! Apalagi jika interior rumah mungil didukung dengan desain yang serba nyaman.


Inspirasi interior rumah mungil ini mengambil tema alami dengan dominasi furnitur kayu di tempat yang strategis ditambah flooring kayu yang adem. Karena ruangan yang tidak begitu luas, interior rumah mungil ini membaur menjadi satu dengan menggunakan jeda antar furnitur yang nyaman dan bernuansa lembut. Tambahkan juga dengan pernak-pernik dekor ruangan yang tampak mewah, seperti bantal sofa dan cushion sebagai pemanis.


Interior Small Houses With Mirror To impression Spacious & Luxury


Get around the interior of a small house by placing lots of large mirrors for a wider and airy impression in the room. You also don't need to be fixated on choosing the same furniture as the sofa. Playing on the color and type of sofa can save you a lot of smart expenses.


Don't forget to add wall decorations such as photo frames that look elegant and make an expensive nostalgic impression without draining your pocket a lot.


Interior Small Houses With The Complete Family Room


The interior design of this tiny house carries a family room as a place to relax as well as work to save space as well as costs. Furniture that looks sticky is like a hanging shelf that can be easily obtained and serves as a useful storage container.


Not to forget, lighting games such as back light also make open shelves have their own luxurious impression. The sofa chosen is also only a large set and does not need to be equipped with other small sofas to save costs. A work desk can also be inserted at the end of the room with natural light from a medium-sized window. Lastly, the addition of a fur rug also sweetens the entire interior of this tiny house instantly.


Style With The Tiny House Interior Original


The interior of this tiny house doesn't need a lot of polish, but the impression of originality makes it more comfortable and stylish. With the brick walls left open, there is a rustic impression that appears with the combination of colorful modern furniture. While the other wall is dominated by windows decorated with curtains and curtains, open with iron trellises that are easy to clean at any time.


The interior of this tiny house becomes open and airy because of the natural nuances that are still attached on both sides. You can also use natural or rustic theme furniture if you don't want to apply modern-style furniture as seen in the interior inspiration of this tiny house. Whatever the selection of furniture that fits your pocket, Kania believes you can definitely create a tiny house interior that is the same style as the picture above.

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